The why of the Quick Release ™ Fly!

The why of the Quick Release ™ Fly!

Let’s be honest, the old vertical fly on men’s boxers & briefs was never really meant to be used. It’s OK, you can admit it.

You tried to use it once or twice. You pulled left, pulled right, but ultimately you ran out of hands to keep the fly open without strangling your little buddy.

So you simply pulled your boxers down from the top. It’s ok to admit it, you’ve resigned yourself to going over the top. But it means the whole team needs to come out on the field.

We’ve fixed that with the Quick Release™ Fly. It just makes more sense.

Unzip, reach in, pull down and boom, freedom. No need for the entire outfield to play when you just need the Centerfielder, right?

The Quick Release™ Fly, when the most important player on your team needs to go, solo!